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What can we do? I think it is ISR. May 26, 2007

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This thought has been clingering in my mind for a few years and has itself reached a stage where solution need to be formed. Coporates come up with concept of CSR (Corporate Social responsibility) which is ofcourse a very good and a needed initiative for the soceity. But as individuals what can we do..?

A question to ponder. I call this ISR (Individual Social resposibility) and not sure anybody holds patent or IPR on this term. Man utilizes the resources of the earth to come up to a position in which he feels that he has accomplished some materials benefits. But he is also obliged to think to give back the same resources to the mother earth. Fortunately, I have tuned myself to the ideals of the few of my friends who are involved in social activities which they feel it to be their duty than just a social service.

The problem that people currently face is that they really find it difficult to find credible people to whom the resources can be donated and it is the same case on the other side for the NGOs, to find the source of these resources. There are organizations which primarily does the activity of acting as a intermediary group between the donator and the NGOs. This is ofcourse of a great deal of help to the NGOs. But it is not a point to have a pat on the back. If the donations are getting drowned, even these organizations do not add any value to the NGOs. This is the current scenario of the NGOs.

I have been in talks with some of my friends who hold the same ideals as me and those interactions have been really fruitful. As corporates we need to be a great resource generator for these NGOs. For this we need to do nothing more than giving a miniscule part of our earnings to these groups.

ppl, pls provide ur suggestions. Ofcourse it cannot be a one man show.


Natchatiram Rocks March 10, 2007

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Anything different is always good. One of the things that attracted me in the recent times is the tamil rap sensation by the band called Yogi B (Natchatiram alias vallavan). Nodbody would have believed that you could listen to some wonderful rap in the south indian language. This band basically is of indian origin settled in malaysia. The lines in the song seems to imply the struggle they faced during the setup of the band and the songs. A revolution in the history of the rap songs of the world…

Transcend yourself…. December 15, 2006

Posted by coolkrish in Spirituality.

Many times I wonder what am I doing in this world. Long days of aimless running without the slightest idea of why we are moving in this world.well, it is a question to ponder. I stay in a place called Mylapore in chennai. The place is very popular for the prestigious and the ancient “Kapali” temple, lord siva present in his eternal state. The place is also popular for “Universal Temple of Sri Ramakrishna“, one of my favourite places in the city.

Right from my school days I had an inclination to reach out for places which is very calm and slient in nature. The temple of Sriramakrishna is so unique in the sense that it is located in a buzzing road with usually runs with heavy traffic and vehicle sound horns. But there is a sudden transformation with silence the moment we enter inside. This change made me to become more involved with the place. I admired the charisma of swami vivekananda and started to read the small books by vivekananda.

Man ultimately lives in this world for only two reasons, Health and Peace. Whatever he does ultimate necessarily tones down to these points. There are people like vivekananda who have made the process of meditation more simpler and more useful for people like us who needs to perform his duties in this world but still can know the ultimate truth, the universal peace. vivekananda teachings range from Aham (Ego), karma and Gnana yoga and ultimately ends with the concept of “Aham Brahmasmi”, I am God. Man needs to transcend himself to the state where he finds the ultimate happiness in any form in which he considers it to be the eternal one.vivek.jpg

Rahman”GURU” is God December 11, 2006

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If you have not missed out the latest music victory of ARRahman “GURU” then you are lucky that you have listen to one of the best music numbers of the world. He is a guy who can mesmerize you to the extent possible.

“GURU”, directed by maniratnam, showcased by Abhishek, Aishwarya, Madhavan and priya Balan, the beauty queen of Parineeta. The music maestro has really showered some of his best efforts in the music as he has holded a long relation with maniratnam right from “Roja”. The songs “tere bina” and “Jaage hain” sung by rahman himself are amazing. The song “Ay hairathe ” made in the raag yaman is beautifully picturized and the music perfectly blends with the video.

Madhavan the favourite of mani is again there for him. But there is no clue of him in the trailers. I am a big fan of mani films just for the point that he is proving to be different at every film.Abhishek is basically picked for his efforts in yuva and perfectly potrayed by madhvan in tamil in “Aayutha Ezuthu”.

Enjoy the music…It is tooooooooooooooooo good..

Starter blog… December 10, 2006

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Let my first blog be light and sweet. I believe my blog “A different eye” posted will be useful at least to one single soul in this earth. If it really happens to be useful I will be the happiest man in the world. This is really a wonderful platform for expression of thought for any individual wishing to allow his thought to wander in this very world of ours. Hope I will come with something interesting…

Hello world! December 10, 2006

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